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Meet My New Portfolio Website 🎉

Published on May 13, 2020

Having a portfolio website that you deeply care about is vital for your success in getting the job you want. I like to think of portfolio websites as a resume overview that really shows your true creativity and the hard work that you've been doing. Portfolio websites aren't limited to the dimensions of print paper 📄, nor is it something to be printed on a piece of paper 🖨. Those were the old ways. Now, a portfolio website is the new resume that helps you stand out from the crowed of potential hires. You know, the people you are competing against for a specific job role. 🤼‍♂️

My old portfolio website (see screenshot below) 😷 was too bare-bones and had nothing to show. So I've decided that it needed a facelift in a way I have never done a facelift before 😻. But before starting out, I needed create a design that would appeal to the world. Something that was simple, not too simple, and that really "popped" (as clients would say). 🤔


So I came up with a sleek new design from the inspiration I gathered on Dribbble. It's not a super fancy design, but it's clean and straightforward. I ended up using the selfie I took while I was in one of the classrooms at the university. The lighting from the sun was so perfect, I couldn't resist taking a selfie for the gram. 😂


That's about it, go look around and tell me what you think about it. Have a blessed day! 👋

P.S. The website is built using Tailwind CSS and powered by October CMS. Almost all future websites will be using the same technologies!